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Mar 22, 2013 10:00am PDT
show". my name is jon stewart. big show tonight! oh, the actor paul have you had here. let me guess you made another (bleep) movie and it's really (bleep) good. give someone else a chance. anyway -- wait a minute -- where is my pen? [laughter] i specifically remember applying for a federal grant for a pen -- [laughter] -- where is my pen? it's official. >> the sequestration has arrived. >> $85 billion in automatic government spending cuts. >> jon: dammit! [laughter] the first penalty of the sequester, my federal pen program. fake thing. [ laughter ] the sequester is here. the arbitrary budget cuts that were so onus congress would never allow the sequester to take effect. remember? >> it was ugly. it was designed to be ugly. >> onerous and undesirable and it remains our view it's no way to go. >> no way it can happen. >> automatic triggers are set up to be so painful we don't have to get to that point. >> it will not happen. >> jon: of course it will n .t. democrats and republicans would have to be not to goat to this ball punch it's like dennis rodman in north korea. [ laughter ] [cheer
Comedy Central
Mar 25, 2013 7:25pm PDT
yesterday senator rand paul embarked on a filibuster to draw attention to the issue of executive branch's seemingly unchecked power to use drones on american soil. the libertarian senator spoke for 12 hours for theified only by the occasional nougat filled government handout. [ laughter ] and brief respit thanks to like-minded senators who share his commitment to checking executive power. wait a minute, is that mitch mcconnell? >> first let me thank him for his courage and conviction, the administration should answer a question does the administration take the view that a drone stroke against a u.s. zen on u.s. soil would be an appropriate use of that weapon. >> jon: simmer down turtle man. [ laughter ] i don't think drone strikes -- [laughter] er? [laughter] let me tell you something about the other senators. the other senators are reetionent additions to the senate so i don't mind them jumping into paul's filibuster but you don't get to jump in on the concern that the executive branch might be trampling the criewtion train. as i remember the habeas corpus see if you can get the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)